Cars that my Granny used to own

When my granny heard about my website and the Standard Vanguard 1 post on it she told me about some of the cars she had owned when she was young.

She said that she had had a Standard, although it wasn’t a Vanguard, a Singer Gazelle and a Morris Oxford.

We recently went to Ballymoney Old Vehicle Club‘s Annual Show and Family Fun Day and I saw this Singer Gazelle on display.

Singer Gazelle

The Singer Gazelle was made from 1956-67 and was the first Singer to be produced after the company was taken over by the Rootes Group.

Singer Gazelle Badge

Her Singer Gazelle had a 1497cc Straight-4 overhead cam engine and four gear manual transmission. (She didn’t tell me this- I looked it up on the internet!).

The Gazelle was definitely an extremely nice car and if I could’ve, I’d probably have tried to buy it!



The Mystery of the Whistling Caves, by Helen Moss

The first book in Helen Moss’s Adventure Island series begins with Scott and Jack Carter arriving at Carrickstowe Station, about to go over the causeway to the tiny island of Castle Key.

The two brothers think they are in for the most boring time ever but when they run into Emily Wild ( literally, they were being chased by bulls ) they soon find out that they’re wrong.

Emily takes Scott and Jack to see the Whistling Caves in the cliff below Key Castle and they are getting Emily’s boat, Gemini, ready when they see fisherman Bob Trevithick, aka Old Bob.  He tells Emily and the boys about an old legend, “When the whistling do cease, the castle shall know no peace!”.  They set off  but when they arrive they can’t hear anything.

Very soon a centuries old Saxon shield is stolen from the museum! The boys, Emily and her dog Drift Decide to investigate and soon they have got a “Prime Suspects” list (Pete Morley, Victoria White, Mr Piggott, Mrs Loveday and two security guards).

This is a fantastic book, and I would recommend this book, along with the rest of the series.                                                                                                              If you want to find out who really stole the Saxon shield, you can             Buy it here…The Mystery of the Whistling Caves