Cars that my Granny used to own

When my granny heard about my website and the Standard Vanguard 1 post on it she told me about some of the cars she had owned when she was young.

She said that she had had a Standard, although it wasn’t a Vanguard, a Singer Gazelle and a Morris Oxford.

We recently went to Ballymoney Old Vehicle Club‘s Annual Show and Family Fun Day and I saw this Singer Gazelle on display.

Singer Gazelle

The Singer Gazelle was made from 1956-67 and was the first Singer to be produced after the company was taken over by the Rootes Group.

Singer Gazelle Badge

Her Singer Gazelle had a 1497cc Straight-4 overhead cam engine and four gear manual transmission. (She didn’t tell me this- I looked it up on the internet!).

The Gazelle was definitely an extremely nice car and if I could’ve, I’d probably have tried to buy it!



2 thoughts on “Cars that my Granny used to own”

  1. Hi, Jed, I love the photo of the Singer Gazelle! I never knew Granny owned one… I never seen this car at the show but it looks like a nice car. I’m looking forward to your next post!

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