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Five on a Treasure Island, by Enid Blyton

Five on a Treasure Island is the first Famous Five book in the Famous Five series.

Brothers Julian and Dick, and their little sister Anne come to stay at Kirrin in their summer holidays when the place that they usually go to, which is a place called Polseath, is already full up.
Their father’s brother called Quentin Kirrin lives at Kirrin and works as a scientist.

His daughter, Georgina, had always wanted to be a boy so she dressed and acted like one.  When her cousins first meet her she is a fiery-tempered, lonely little girl, but as the boys soon learn, she is either far better, or just as good as them at most things like climbing, swimming and especially at rowing around the dangerous rocks dotted around Kirrin bay.

When Georgina, who likes being called George, tells her cousins that the island in the middle of the of the bay, called Kirrin Island which is probably based on one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel, which Enid Blyton visited on her honeymoon, belongs to her, they don’t believe her.  Soon, however, they visit her island and get mixed up in a dangerous and exiting adventure in a search for treasure.  George’s dog, Timmy, joins in the adventure too and proves very useful when they are hunting for the dungeons of Kirrin castle, which is on the island and probably based on Corfe Castle in Dorset, England.

But does someone else know more about the treasure than they think?

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