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The Mystery of the Whistling Caves, by Helen Moss

The first book in Helen Moss’s Adventure Island series begins with Scott and Jack Carter arriving at Carrickstowe Station, about to go over the causeway to the tiny island of Castle Key.

The two brothers think they are in for the most boring time ever but when they run into Emily Wild ( literally, they were being chased by bulls ) they soon find out that they’re wrong.

Emily takes Scott and Jack to see the Whistling Caves in the cliff below Key Castle and they are getting Emily’s boat, Gemini, ready when they see fisherman Bob Trevithick, aka Old Bob.  He tells Emily and the boys about an old legend, “When the whistling do cease, the castle shall know no peace!”.  They set off  but when they arrive they can’t hear anything.

Very soon a centuries old Saxon shield is stolen from the museum! The boys, Emily and her dog Drift Decide to investigate and soon they have got a “Prime Suspects” list (Pete Morley, Victoria White, Mr Piggott, Mrs Loveday and two security guards).

This is a fantastic book, and I would recommend this book, along with the rest of the series.                                                                                                              If you want to find out who really stole the Saxon shield, you can             Buy it here…The Mystery of the Whistling Caves


The Mystery of the King’s Ransom, by Helen Moss

The fourth “Adventure Island” book starts at Bosgoose Wood, where Emily, Scott, Jack and Drift, Emily’s dog, are exploring.  They see five Braithwaite Boys’ School jeeps arrive on the heath for a camping trip.  It gives Emily the idea to go camping but Aunt Kate (Scott and Jack’s great aunt) and Emily’s parents say no.  Soon, though, something happens to take their minds off the disappointment: the police come to Stone Cottage!  The two police officers say that a boy has gone missing, and as they were seen in the area, which is Bosgoose Wood, they are taken to the police station to be interviewed.  Emily finds out that the missing boy’s name is Sam Chambers and the friends start investigating.

Some guests arrive at the lighthouse, which is ran by Emily’s parents as a Bed and Breakfast: Nico, Rudi and Anya.  One night, though, Emily finds out that they are not the ordinary German group they seem to be when she sees Nico pick up a gun, when he hears a noise while talking with Anya and Rudi at 3 o’clock in the morning!  Emily feels the “German Gang”, as she now calls them, have something to do with Sam Chambers’ disappearance.

What are the German Gang up to and is Sam Chambers just an ordinary schoolboy or is there more to him than meets the eye?

To find out what happens, buy it here…The Mystery of the King’s Ransom  


The Mystery of the Missing Masterpiece, by Helen Moss

The fourth “Adventure Island” book, The Mystery of the Missing Masterpiece, begins with Jack, Scott, Emily and Drift, Emily’s dog, at the Castle Key Summer Fête.  Emily and Drift had just finished winning the Obedience Trial at it and were at the refreshment tent eating cake with Scott and Jack.  Suddenly two donkeys from the fête charged in and overturned the refreshment table!  A man filming at the fête, named Colin Warnock, had posted a video clip on the internet and when Scott and Jack spot it they go, with Emily, to their Aunt Kate’s neighbour, Mrs Roberts, as she was in the video clip.

However, when the friends show Mrs Roberts the clip she seems frightened, although she tries to hide it.  Scott says she must have technophobia but Emily doesn’t believe him as she used to run the computer club at her school.

That night, when Scott and Jack were sleeping at Stone Cottage, Lilac Cottage, home of Mrs Roberts, was burgled!  Scott and Jack knew nothing about it at all except that a policewoman came and told them to lock up well the next night.  They decide to go with Emily to Lilac Cottage to interview Mrs Roberts to find out more about the break-in but nothing seems to be taken except some money from the kitchen drawer and some paintings that Mrs Roberts says were just cheap prints of ones like Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, a Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady in Blue (The Lady in Blue was invented especially for this book).

A mysterious Spanish guest arrives at the lighthouse, where Emily lives and which her parents run as a Bed and Breakfast.  She is apparently called Bianca Mendez and lives in Chile and Emily soon becomes suspicious of her.  That day, when Bianca is heading up to her room in the lighthouse Emily’s mum asks her, “Will you be here for lunch tomorrow, Bianca?” but she only seems to realise she is being spoken to a few seconds later.  Emily thinks Bianca might be only a false name and she forgot that she was meant to be called that!

It is an amazingly exciting book and you are completely puzzled up until the very end.  It definitely has a likeness to Enid Blyton books especially the Famous Five although it is far more modern with mobile phones and fish and chips!  It is a very good book and I definitely recommend it to you.

Find out what happens and buy your copy here…The Mystery of the Missing Masterpiece





The Mystery of the Invisible Spy, by Helen Moss

The Mystery of the Invisible Spy is the tenth book in the “Adventure Island” series that Helen Moss wrote.

The book starts when Scott and Jack Carter arrive at Stone Cottage, the home of their Aunt Kate.  Their friend Emily and her dog Drift, have already discovered a person that she thinks is a spy!  The boys don’t believe her, especially when she tells them that the “Spy” drives a silver Ford Fiesta!  Jack and Scott say that spies should drive Ferraris or Aston Martins!

When the man dresses up as a birdwatcher and goes into one of the birdwatcher huts, on the moor on Castle Key, the friends go into another hut to keep watch on him.  In the hide the children watch a Skylark singing a song above its nest.  When Scott  looks in a logbook inside the hut, where it says “Superb pair of skylarks with late brood in nest.  Otto and Karin, Frankfurt.“, he gets an idea.  He thinks if the man really is a birdwatcher he would have noted the skylark display in the logbook.  When he looks in the logbook in the other birdwatcher’s hut, he discovers that the “spy” had not written anything in the logbook!

Another day, when they were buying ice-cream, Jack notices that the ice-cream man is the same man that disguised as a birdwatcher!  When Emily starts writing in her notebook about Operation Skylark and heads the page “Ice cream spy” they are shocked by the spy, who seems to be watching an old house that is being renovated and is meant to be owned by a retired gardener, leaning over them.  Emily tried to hide her notebook but it was too late.  The man had seen it.

After thinking for a while, the man who apparently is called Rudge,  tells them that he is an MI5 agent!  He also tells him that his mission is to keep an eye on the “retired gardener” who he says is a KGB agent!

When the children see bullet-proof glass and CCTV cameras being unloaded at the gardener’s house, they’re certain there’s more to him than meets the eye, but just how much can they trust Rudge, who is starting to do some very suspicious things?

Adventure Island 10: The Mystery of the Invisible Spy




The Mystery of the Secret Room, by Helen Moss

This is the thirteenth book in the “Adventure Island” series by Helen Moss, and begins when Jack and Scott Carter, Emily Wild and her dog, Drift, are playing Scrabble (not Drift, of course!) in Stone Cottage, and Boomerang the cat chases a mouse into the fireplace and suddenly disappears!

The friends investigate and find a moveable stone in the fireplace!  All there is behind the stone, though,  is a small hiding place from the olden days.  Or is it just a hiding place?  When they shut Jack in to the hiding place for fun they didn’t bargain for him to disappear!  When they discover an old trap door and find Jack has fallen through it they climb down and discover a whole secret room!

They find an ancient chest and expect to find gems and diamonds in it, but all they find is an old scroll. It had strange words written on it:

The Keepers of the Key

We vow to uphold our pledge for the coming year





What does it mean?  And what did Old Bob mean by “beware the hooded man”?

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