Fifth Week Predictions

Everton vs Chelsea –  2-2
On paper, Chelsea are the better team and should be winning this match but I expect them to come away with another disappointing result.   Even in pre-season I was noticing Chelsea’s vulnerabilities at the back and they still haven’t resolved that.

Arsenal vs Stoke – 1-0
Arsenal will have a hard test here but I expect them to have the edge against Stoke. Arsenal’s two first choice centre-backs are available after injury and illness, and that will make a very big difference.

Crystal Palace vs Manchester City – 1-2
I think it will be here that City concede their first goal of the season.  No one comes to Selhurst Park and has an easy ride,  but no one plays City and has an easy ride either.

Norwich vs Bournemouth – 1-1
This is the kind  of game both teams need to win if they want to stay up but I expect neither team to have the edge today.

Watford vs Swansea – 1-2
Again I expect Gomis and Ayew to have a big influence on this match.  Although Swansea City have not yet lost a game this season, they have kept just one league clean sheet.

West Brom vs Southampton – 1-3
Southampton have had quite a disappointing start to the season apart from that win against Norwich but I think they will be able to beat West Brom.  Still, unlike last season, West Brom have three very good strikers in Berahino, Lambert and Rondon.

Manchester United vs Liverpool – 1-2
If Kolo Toure replaces Louvren in defence I think Liverpool have a good chance to win this game.  United seem to have no team spirit – Rooney is not scoring and at least five newspapers have reported that many United players are unhappy with Van Gaal and his methods of training.

Sunderland vs Tottenham– 0-2
Sunderland are still searching for their first league win of the season but I don’t think they’re going to get it here.

Leicester vs Aston Villa – 2-1
The stats are that Villa have scored an average of one goal per league match, and have only won one match in the league so far – against Bournemouth.  Leicester haven’t lost a match this season so far.

West Ham vs Newcastle – 2-0
Strangely West Ham have beaten Arsenal and Liverpool but lost to Bournemouth and Leicester.  Newcastle haven’t won a league game this season but on the last day of last season Newcastle beat West Ham 2-0.


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