Five go off in a Caravan, by Enid Blyton

In the fifth book about the Famous Five, which Enid Blyton wrote, Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy, Georges dog, are at Julian, Dick and Anne’s home for the summer holidays.  They are trying to decide if they should go somewhere else for two weeks, or just stay  at the house, when a circus procession passes by.

They make friends with a boy in the circus called Nobby and he tells them where the circus is going.  George has the idea to go on a caravanning holiday, and Julian suggests that they should try to catch the circus up.

Julian, Dick and Anne’s parents need to go away for a while so it works out well.  Soon the caravans and horses arrive and they set off for the circus camping-place.  The Famous Five camp near the circus camp in their caravan.They get shown round the camp by Nobby but when they run into Lou, the acrobat, he tells them to “clear out” and go and camp somewhere else.

They decide that they will move higher up in the hills the next day, but that night the Five are woken up by Nobby’s uncle, Dan, and Lou the acrobat creeping round the caravan but they are chased away by Timmy.  In the morning Dan and Lou arrive outside their caravans to make sure they were going away.

They choose a nice, sheltered hollow in the hillside as their new camping place but later that day they bump into Dan and Lou coming up the hillside, as they went down the hill to a lake, to swim.  They ignore the bad-tempered pair, but they guess the Five hadn’t gone over the hill, as they had thought, but were camping on the hill, they suddenly try to appear very good tempered and friendly and try to say that camping down near the circus camp is better than up here.  The Famous Five are very puzzled why Dan and Lou would so suddenly change their minds about them moving their caravans.  When they come back from the lake they find Dan and Lou lying down in the grass below some trees.  They seem more anxious than ever to get the children away from there.

Why are Dan and Lou so anxious to get them away from that hollow?

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