Fourth Week Predictions

Newcastle vs Arsenal –  0-2
I expect Cech to keep another clean sheet and at the other end of the pitch I don’t think Arsenal will have any problems scoring. Newcastle haven’t had an extremely good start this season but neither have Arsenal.

Aston Villa vs Sunderland – 0-0
Two teams that I expect to be relegated. I think this is going to be a boring 0-0 game.

Bournemouth vs Leicester – 1-2
Leicester are the far better team but with Mahrez and Bournmouth’s Wilson both in form this will be an exciting game.

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace – 3-1
Chelsea have the home advantage and Pedro so I think they will dominate this game. Still I expect Crystal Palace to score. They have more pace up front than Chelsea’s center-backs.

Liverpool vs West Ham – 2-0
Liverpool are the better team by far and West Ham – except for Payet – haven’t been performing in the last few games.

Man City vs Watford – 3-0
I’m going for another clean sheet and 3-0 victory for City. Although Watford have been quite good so far, they are nothing compared to City.

Stoke vs West Brom – 2-1
Stoke are the far better team but I think with Rondon playing West Brom will be able to get on the score sheet.

Tottenham vs Everton – 1-2
I think Everton have had the better start to the season. Looking at the statistics I think Everton will score the winner in the last ten minutes

Southampton vs Norwich – 2-1
These are two teams who will be tough opponents to play against this season but I think Southampton will have the upper hand in this game.

Swansea vs Man United – 1-2
Gomis will score for Swansea but Depay and Rooney will score for United.


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