Match Predictions for this weekend.

Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur = 0-1
I know this will sound strange, but I am expecting Spurs to clinch it, maybe with a Harry Kane goal. Man United’s defense is absolutely awful and they don’t seem to have the right balance to their squad. It was a humongous mistake to sell Van Persie and Di Maria. I’m honestly not sure how good a manager Van Gaal is – selling one of the best strikers in the world to Fenerbahçe and not being able to get Di Maria and Falcao to perform. On the other hand, Spurs were great last season and although I don’t expect Harry Kane to be just as good as he was last season he will still be huge threat to a defense as weak as United’s. This is going to be a one off.

Bournemouth vs Aston Villa = 2-1
It’s Bournemouth’s first match in the Premier League and I just have a feeling that they will be so motivated that they will win this match. Aston Villa Have lost two of their best players (Fabian Delph and Christian Benteke) and will still have the memory of the FA Cup final thrashing by Arsenal. Even with Delph and Benteke, they were not a extremely good side. Still, I think they’ll get one goal.

Everton vs Watford = 2-0
I expect Everton to do quite badly this season but I also expect Watford to be relegated. I can’t see Everton losing to them. I think Watford are the team with the worst chance out of the promoted teams.

Leicester City vs Sunderland = 1-1
If it was still Nigel Pearson managing them I would say 2-1 but it’s now Claudio Ranieri. I expect both sides to get a goal but I imagine that the game will not have many chances.

Norwich City vs Crystal Palace = 1-2
Crystal Palace were brilliant last season and I expect them to win this. Bolasie and Cabaye are brilliant and will probably be a major part in this. Still, I think Norwich will get a goal.

Chelsea vs Swansea City = 2-0
Chelsea will win. This won’t be a very exciting or spectacular game. Although the goals may be spectacular, the general play won’t be (at least from Chelsea). Toning down their game at the end of last season and earning the nickname ‘Boring Boring Chelsea’ will make it a little bit harder for them to do anything spectacular for a while.

Arsenal vs West Ham = 3-0
Remember, Arsenal beat Chelsea in their last game and that’s without Alexis Sánchez. The FA cup final was a reminder of what they can do to teams in the lower half of the table. West Ham were put out of the Europa League by Romanian side Astra Giurgiu and needed penalties to beat Malta side Birkirkara – not a performance to be extremely proud of. Arsenal are the better side by a huge margin.

Newcastle United vs Southampton = 3-2
Newcastle will definitely not have such an awful losing streak like last season. They are now stronger than ever. Southampton, though, will not be beaten without a fight and they have goalscorers in Pelle and Mane.

Stoke City vs Liverpool = 0-6
Just like Newcastle, I think Liverpool’s awful form at the end of last season means that they will come back stronger, more determined and more motivated. I can honestly imagine Liverpool beating Stoke 6-0. It will be at least 3-0 to Liverpool. Usually, this would never happen to a team like Stoke, but usually Liverpool don’t get beaten 6-1. They are out for revenge. I think they’re going to get it.

West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester City = 0-3
I don’t think Man City will be in the top four this season but there is no doubt they are a very strong side and much stronger than West Brom. It’s not going to be hard for City unless they do something stupid like playing Sterling instead of Aguero, or David Silva or someone.


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