Second Week Predictions

Aston Villa vs Manchester United – 0-1
Although Man United were awful last week they have too much quality to lose to Aston Villa. Still it will be a struggle for United. Without any more new signings I cannot see them finishing higher than fourth. I think Aston Villa will have a chance, though, if they can get forward and create enough chances.

Southampton vs Everton – 2-1
Quite simply, Southampton are the far better team and they are going to win. Everton seem to be going through a ‘boring‘ period, just like Chelsea, Sunderland and Manchester United. All four of these teams need to snap out of it now or they will not be able to achieve anything this season.

Watford vs West Brom – 1-1
Two similarly matched teams who can score goals. West Brom’s new signing Rondon will help with the goal scoring side. I think it’s going to be very even.

Sunderland vs Norwich City – 1-2
Sunderland’s defense was awful when they played Leicester last weekend but Norwich were very good against Crystal Palace and really should have got a point from that game but a bad decision from the referee could have possibly cost them the game.

Tottenham vs Stoke City – 1-0
Tottenham and Stoke are both strong teams but I think at the moment Spurs pose more of a goal threat. They seem unable to pull off any emphatic victories, though, so I’m going for a narrow 1-0 win.

West Ham vs Leicester – 0-1
Leicester were brilliant against Sunderland and they can score goals. West Ham, on the other hand, while impressive against Arsenal, their win was mainly because of mistakes by Petr Cech and bad tactical decisions by Arsene Wenger. Leicester are the better side in my opinion.

Swansea City vs Newcastle – 1-2
Both teams performed well last week but I think overall Newcastle are the better side at the minute. Newcastle can win if they are able to control Gomis, who is Swansea’s main goal scorer.

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal – 1-3
Arsenal’s last game was just a tactical error and is not an indication of how they will do in this match. It will help if Alexis Sanchez is fit again after the Copa America but I’m not sure if he is. Crystal Palace, although good, cannot really compete with Arsenal at their best. It is just a question of whether they will be at their best or not.

Man City vs Chelsea – 2-1
When City played West Brom they were AMAZING. Chelsea will be playing with their second choice goalkeeper, were awful against Swansea and haven’t won a game this season yet. Chelsea will be outclassed by a mile.

Liverpool vs Bournemouth – 2-0
Liverpool will be able to win this easily. Bournemouth need to learn to take their chances because you can’t waste chances in the Premier League like you can in the Championship. Liverpool will be even better than they were at Stoke because they hadn’t really had any quality opposition on their preseason tour.


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