Standard Vanguard 1

I was looking through some photographs on my computer when I found this photo that I had taken at the Portrush Airshow in Northern Ireland and after a bit of research I discovered that it was a classic car called a Standard Vanguard 1 from the 1950’s.

I had to zoom in to just behind the wing mirror, where Standard was written and then searched “Standard classic cars” on the internet and found out what type of Standard it was.



9 thoughts on “Standard Vanguard 1”

  1. Clever bit of detective work there, Jed!

    I love all the shades of green and blue on the car! I wonder if the sunshade was ordered as an extra, or did it come as standard (on a Standard!)? 🙂

  2. Wow!
    Jed, this is a great website. Enid Blyton isn’t the only one to keep a secret! I didn’t realise that you were doing a blog until now. I love what you have written about the stories and I particularly like this photo of the Standard Vanguard: such a vivid colour. Also the way you have given different thumbnails to everyone. That is neat. The layout of the blog is very good. Sean.

  3. Jed, I love this picture – beautiful colours! Well done on having such a great blog – I am a HUGE Enid Blyton fan and read the Famous Five books, too!! Keep up the great work, wee cous!

  4. Thanks for commenting Taleen and welcome to my site! I hope you like the posts. I’m glad you like the colours in the photograph of the Standard Vanguard. Actually I don’t think the colours in the photo are the same colours as in the original because I tweaked the vividness and brightness and things like that on the computer. That is why photo looks as if it was taken on a bright day when it actually was quite dull!

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