Stormbreaker, by Anthony Horowitz

Stormbreaker is  Anthony Horowitz’s first book in his Alex Rider series.

After his uncle’s death in a supposed car accident, fourteen year old Alex discovers that all is not as it seems – a man with a gun turns up, escorting a blank-faced man at his uncle’s funeral, everything in his uncle’s office disappears, and when Alex finds his uncle’s car, he discovers it sprayed with bullet-holes.

After a narrow escape from a Lefort Shear crusher and nearly being shot in the car breakers yard, his uncle’s employers, the Royal and General Bank, ask him to come to their office to talk about his uncle’s will.

Alex manages to get into his uncle’s office but the files there were absolutely nothing about banking, his uncle’s supposed occupation.  The files there have titles like counter-terrorism, interrogation techniques, and uranium smuggling. Then he is shot with a tranquilizer dart and wakes up in the SAS training center in the Brecon Beacons.

He is told his uncle was a spy working for MI6 Special Operations and he is asked to complete the assignment that his uncle was shot on.  He is told that his legal guardian will be sent back to America if he refuses.

He is told he will be going to Cornwall, where Middle Eastern multimillionaire Herod Sayle is making his new Stormbreaker computers. Sayle’s going to give one free to every school in the country but MI6 think he’s to good to be true.

After rigorous SAS training he is presented with a collection of brilliant gadgets by Mr Smithers, his gadget master.

He arrives at Sayle Enterprises disguised as Felix Lester, winner of a competiton where the prize was to be the first child to use the Stormbreaker computer.

Read the book to find out whether he survives the deadly Portuguese Man o’ War jellyfish, the machine-gun toting guards, the nuclear powered Chinese submarine, Kawasaki four by four quad bikes armed with flamethrowers, and a deadly, fatal virus.

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