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Thirteenth Week Predictions

An exciting Manchester City vs Liverpool match is the highlight of this weekend.  Another clash that promises to be thrilling is Tottenham vs West Ham.  Here are my predictions.

Watford vs Man United – 2-1

Chelsea vs Norwich – 2-0

Everton vs Aston Villa – 2-0

Newcastle vs Leicester – 1-2

Southampton vs Stoke – 2-0

Swansea vs Bournemouth – 2-1

West Brom vs Arsenal – 0-3

Man City vs Liverpool – 2-1

Tottenham vs West Ham – 2-1

Crystal Palace vs Sunderland – 1-0



Twelfth Week Predictions

Exciting matches this weekend include the North London derby Liverpool vs Crystal Palace, Stoke vs Chelsea and Rémi Garde’s first match in charge of Aston Villa, versus Manchester City.  Here are my predictions.

Bournemouth v Newcastle – 1-1

Leicester v Watford – 2-2

Man Utd v West Brom – 0-1

Norwich v Swansea – 0-1

Sunderland v Southampton – 0-2

West Ham v Everton – 1-2

Stoke v Chelsea – 2-1

Aston Villa v Man City – 0-3

Arsenal v Tottenham – 3-1

Liverpool v Crystal Palace – 2-1


Tenth Week Predictions

A few exciting matches this weekend, including the Manchester derby, Leicester vs Crystal Palace and West Ham vs Chelsea.  Here are my predictions.

Aston Villa v Swansea – 1-3

Leicester v Crystal Palace – 3-2

Norwich v West Brom – 1-1

Stoke v Watford – 2-0

West Ham v Chelsea – 2-3

Arsenal v Everton – 3-0

Sunderland v Newcastle – 1-2

Bournemouth v Tottenham – 0-2

Man Utd v Man City – 1-3

Liverpool v Southampton – 2-1


Ninth Week Predictions

There are a number of exciting matches taking place this weekend, including Jürgen Klopp’s first match in charge of Liverpool, Sam Allardyce’s first match in charge of Sunderland and an exciting Everton vs Manchester United match.  Here are my  predictions.

Tottenham v Liverpool – 1-2

Chelsea v Aston Villa – 2-0

Crystal Palace v West Ham – 2-3

Everton v Man Utd – 2-1

Man City v Bournemouth – 3-0

Southampton v Leicester – 1-1

West Brom v Sunderland – 1-0

Watford v Arsenal – 0-4

Newcastle v Norwich – 1-2

Swansea v Stoke – 0-1


Eighth Week Predictions

Crystal Palace v West Brom – 1-0
Although West Brom were impressive against Everton last week I think Crystal Palace will be able to beat them. So far this season, Crystal Palace haven’t lost a game against a team that finished outside the top five last season and I don’t expect that to change.

Aston Villa v Stoke – 0-2
Even though the only team Stoke have beaten so far has been Bournemouth, I don’t expect Villa to pose any problem to them. Villa have lost their last three league games and looking at their next few fixtures it seems as if they could extend that unwanted run.

Bournemouth v Watford – 1-2
Another clash between two promoted teams. If Bournemouth striker Callum Wilson wasn’t injured I would have expected this game to maybe be a draw but without one of their key players it’s going to be a tough match for Bournemouth.

Man City v Newcastle – 2-1
Despite their loss to Spurs last week I think that City will be able to beat Newcastle. I sometimes think that such a comprehensive beating like the 4-1 defeat at Tottenham actually helps the losing team by spurring them into action.

Norwich v Leicester – 1-2
A scoreline like 5-2 looks like the losing team performed badly but Leicester were brilliant against Arsenal. Still, Norwich were a poorly defended set piece away from beating West Ham and will be a hard test.

Sunderland v West Ham – 0-3
West Ham seem to have difficulties against smaller teams like Bournemouth, especially at home. I think this might be because at home against promoted sides and sides lower in the table West Ham are expected to play attacking football and are unable to play the counter-attacking way that was so successful against Man City, Chelsea, etc. I just don’t think Sunderland have enough quality to pose a threat to West Ham.

Chelsea v Southampton – 2-2
I’m going for another 2-2 result for Chelsea here. I thought after the Maccabi Tel Aviv and Arsenal games that Chelsea would get better but that hasn’t happened. Southampton on the other hand have been quite good lately.

Everton v Liverpool – 2-1 
Despite beating Aston Villa last week I can’t see Liverpool being able to beat Everton. Still, there were some really impressive bits of play between Milner and Sturridge and Coutinho against Villa.

Arsenal v Man Utd – 3-2
Arsenal, and Sanchez in particular, seem to be back to their best after that display against Leicester. Theo Walcott has had a great run of form lately but he somehow manages to miss about two or three good chances a match and still score. If his finishing was as good as his pace he would be one of the League’s best.

Swansea v Tottenham – 0-2
There seems only one winner after Tottenham’s amazing display at the weekend compared to Swansea’s relatively poor performance against Southampton.