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Second Week Predictions

Aston Villa vs Manchester United – 0-1
Although Man United were awful last week they have too much quality to lose to Aston Villa. Still it will be a struggle for United. Without any more new signings I cannot see them finishing higher than fourth. I think Aston Villa will have a chance, though, if they can get forward and create enough chances.

Southampton vs Everton – 2-1
Quite simply, Southampton are the far better team and they are going to win. Everton seem to be going through a ‘boring‘ period, just like Chelsea, Sunderland and Manchester United. All four of these teams need to snap out of it now or they will not be able to achieve anything this season.

Watford vs West Brom – 1-1
Two similarly matched teams who can score goals. West Brom’s new signing Rondon will help with the goal scoring side. I think it’s going to be very even.

Sunderland vs Norwich City – 1-2
Sunderland’s defense was awful when they played Leicester last weekend but Norwich were very good against Crystal Palace and really should have got a point from that game but a bad decision from the referee could have possibly cost them the game.

Tottenham vs Stoke City – 1-0
Tottenham and Stoke are both strong teams but I think at the moment Spurs pose more of a goal threat. They seem unable to pull off any emphatic victories, though, so I’m going for a narrow 1-0 win.

West Ham vs Leicester – 0-1
Leicester were brilliant against Sunderland and they can score goals. West Ham, on the other hand, while impressive against Arsenal, their win was mainly because of mistakes by Petr Cech and bad tactical decisions by Arsene Wenger. Leicester are the better side in my opinion.

Swansea City vs Newcastle – 1-2
Both teams performed well last week but I think overall Newcastle are the better side at the minute. Newcastle can win if they are able to control Gomis, who is Swansea’s main goal scorer.

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal – 1-3
Arsenal’s last game was just a tactical error and is not an indication of how they will do in this match. It will help if Alexis Sanchez is fit again after the Copa America but I’m not sure if he is. Crystal Palace, although good, cannot really compete with Arsenal at their best. It is just a question of whether they will be at their best or not.

Man City vs Chelsea – 2-1
When City played West Brom they were AMAZING. Chelsea will be playing with their second choice goalkeeper, were awful against Swansea and haven’t won a game this season yet. Chelsea will be outclassed by a mile.

Liverpool vs Bournemouth – 2-0
Liverpool will be able to win this easily. Bournemouth need to learn to take their chances because you can’t waste chances in the Premier League like you can in the Championship. Liverpool will be even better than they were at Stoke because they hadn’t really had any quality opposition on their preseason tour.


Match Predictions for this weekend.

Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur = 0-1
I know this will sound strange, but I am expecting Spurs to clinch it, maybe with a Harry Kane goal. Man United’s defense is absolutely awful and they don’t seem to have the right balance to their squad. It was a humongous mistake to sell Van Persie and Di Maria. I’m honestly not sure how good a manager Van Gaal is – selling one of the best strikers in the world to Fenerbahçe and not being able to get Di Maria and Falcao to perform. On the other hand, Spurs were great last season and although I don’t expect Harry Kane to be just as good as he was last season he will still be huge threat to a defense as weak as United’s. This is going to be a one off.

Bournemouth vs Aston Villa = 2-1
It’s Bournemouth’s first match in the Premier League and I just have a feeling that they will be so motivated that they will win this match. Aston Villa Have lost two of their best players (Fabian Delph and Christian Benteke) and will still have the memory of the FA Cup final thrashing by Arsenal. Even with Delph and Benteke, they were not a extremely good side. Still, I think they’ll get one goal.

Everton vs Watford = 2-0
I expect Everton to do quite badly this season but I also expect Watford to be relegated. I can’t see Everton losing to them. I think Watford are the team with the worst chance out of the promoted teams.

Leicester City vs Sunderland = 1-1
If it was still Nigel Pearson managing them I would say 2-1 but it’s now Claudio Ranieri. I expect both sides to get a goal but I imagine that the game will not have many chances.

Norwich City vs Crystal Palace = 1-2
Crystal Palace were brilliant last season and I expect them to win this. Bolasie and Cabaye are brilliant and will probably be a major part in this. Still, I think Norwich will get a goal.

Chelsea vs Swansea City = 2-0
Chelsea will win. This won’t be a very exciting or spectacular game. Although the goals may be spectacular, the general play won’t be (at least from Chelsea). Toning down their game at the end of last season and earning the nickname ‘Boring Boring Chelsea’ will make it a little bit harder for them to do anything spectacular for a while.

Arsenal vs West Ham = 3-0
Remember, Arsenal beat Chelsea in their last game and that’s without Alexis Sánchez. The FA cup final was a reminder of what they can do to teams in the lower half of the table. West Ham were put out of the Europa League by Romanian side Astra Giurgiu and needed penalties to beat Malta side Birkirkara – not a performance to be extremely proud of. Arsenal are the better side by a huge margin.

Newcastle United vs Southampton = 3-2
Newcastle will definitely not have such an awful losing streak like last season. They are now stronger than ever. Southampton, though, will not be beaten without a fight and they have goalscorers in Pelle and Mane.

Stoke City vs Liverpool = 0-6
Just like Newcastle, I think Liverpool’s awful form at the end of last season means that they will come back stronger, more determined and more motivated. I can honestly imagine Liverpool beating Stoke 6-0. It will be at least 3-0 to Liverpool. Usually, this would never happen to a team like Stoke, but usually Liverpool don’t get beaten 6-1. They are out for revenge. I think they’re going to get it.

West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester City = 0-3
I don’t think Man City will be in the top four this season but there is no doubt they are a very strong side and much stronger than West Brom. It’s not going to be hard for City unless they do something stupid like playing Sterling instead of Aguero, or David Silva or someone.


Summer Transfer Window

As football clubs look to strengthen for next season, here’s who I think some of the big Premier League teams need  to buy.

We start off with Chelsea.  It’s quite difficult to see an area that isn’t world class already and with Radamel Falcao joining them on loan, they definitely have two world class strikers, him and Diego Costa.  I think a world class right or central midfielder would strengthen them a lot, with Willian being not the best RM ever and Ramires is not guaranteed to be fit all the time.  Definitely with Petr Cech leaving for Arsenal they need a good back-up keeper to Courtois although Asmir Begovic is almost certain to move to them from Stoke.

Manchester City.  They need to have someone magic in midfield.  Liverpool have Coutinho, Chelsea have Hazard, Arsenal have Alexis Sanchez and Manchester United have Di Maria (yes, he can be magic sometimes).  Yaya Toure and David Silva are the closest City have but they are not magic.  Paul Pogba, an obvious City target, is magic.  Another suspected City target, De Bruyne, would also greatly enhance their midfield.  They also need another good striker to act as a backup to Aguero, as Dzeko is possibly leaving for Roma and City are relying on Aguero’s goals too much.  Sterling is almost certain to join City but at 50 million it is the craziest and silliest thing I have ever heard.  He scored ELEVEN goals last season.  ELEVEN.  City are willing to spend 50 million on him!   Defence should be their main priority, though, because with only 7 defenders, one week, because of injury and suspension, they could be left with Demichelis, Clichy, Zabaleta and Sagna as their back four.  Not too bad but not the kind of defence you need if you are going to mount a serious title challenge.  A world class CB and a world class LB or RB would be enough.

Arsenal.  They need a good striker to take pressure off Giroud and Welbeck and to allow Walcott to play as a winger.  Lacazette?  He would be expensive but a very good striker.  He might be tempted to join because Arsene Wenger, Coquelin and Giroud are French like himself.  They have bought a world class goalkeeper already, which they desperately needed, in Cech and he is worth every bit of his 10 million transfer fee.  Maybe a good defender to provide competition for Bellerin and Monreal but they are pretty amazing in midfield as long as they can keep Cazorla.  Still, with Özil, Ramsey, Cazorla, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arteta and Wilshire their only good midfielders (thinking of Alexis Sánchez as a forward), it would be quite good to get another world class midfielder on board.  Vidal?  Arsenal are meant to be interested in him and he would fit the bill although he would probably be very expensive.

Manchester United.  They need a good backup striker with Van Persie and possibly Hernandez leaving and obviously they no longer have the Falcao option.  Higuain?  He seems desperate for Premier League and Champions League football and United have both as well as the money Napoli demand.  He would really be more than a backup but United would not turn down an extra 30 goals a season.  There is also talk of Bayern Munich selling Muller to them for around 60 million.  Very expensive but would make them serious 3rd place challengers (I say 3rd place because the top two spots are took already by Arsenal and Chelsea.  Wait and see).  They need one or two absolutely brilliant midfielders who can take charge of the team and give their fans someone else other than Rooney to rely on.  Bayern’s Bastian Schweinsteiger and Southhampton’s Morgan Schneiderlin seem to be their main targets.  Schneiderlin is almost certain to join United but Schweinsteiger seems reluctant to leave Germany and Pep Guardiola has told him to decide himself whether to leave or not so a deal seems unlikely.  Obviously their defence is absolutely woeful, and unless they get two world class defenders they will not achieve anything next season.  Expect United to wrap up a deal for Sergio Ramos soon because Real Madrid know they need to choose between De Gea or Ramos.  Real will choose De Gea.  Another world class option would be Otamendi, expensive but brilliant.  Two of their other defensive targets, Clyne and Dani Alves, are out of the equation so United’s options are vanishing.    In the goalkeeping area, obviously they need a De Gea replacement, but with Stoke’s Begovic almost certainly going to Chelsea, and with Spurs reluctant to sell Hugo Lloris, Kasper Cillessen seems the most likely replacement.

Liverpool.  We (I support Liverpool) need a striker obviously.  We have Danny Ings now but with Sterling very likely to leave our options will be Ings, Origi, Borini, Sturridge (unlikely to fit), Lambert and Balotelli.  If Sturridge avoided injury, we could have an alright Ings + Sturridge attacking duo but that will not win us trophies.  Worst case scenario, Sturridge gets injured and we put Ings and Balotelli up front.  The thing is that either scenario is not good – we need a brilliant, world class striker.  The signing of Benteke is getting more and more likely but at 32.5 million it is absolutely crazy.  Why not add 5 million to that and buy Lacazette or Higuain?  Far far better players.  Don’t get me wrong, Benteke is class but too expensive.  Anyway, Benteke is used to the Villa style of getting the ball and playing arial balls to him, the opposite of Rodger’s style of playing – more short passes along the ground, patiently waiting for an opportunity to pass to the forwards.  In midfield we have the dream duo of Coutinho and Firmino.  Maybe a 3-5-2 formation with a CDM behind the Brazilians and wingers playing just behind them out on the wings would work well.  For the CDM Henderson would work fine I’m sure even if he usually plays more as a CAM, but news is emerging that Brendan Rodgers is targeting Sissoko, another CAM that could play as a CDM.  I think because Sissoko plays for Newcastle United that has made people automatically class him as ‘not too good’ because of their awful form at the end of the season, but he’s really good.  If I had the choice I’d put Sissoko in CDM instead of Henderson.  As wingers I would put Milner on RW and I would get Pedro and put him on the left.  He might be tempted to join us because of lack of game time at Barcelona, even sacrificing Champions League to do so.  In defence we obviously have took a massive step in getting Clyne so we at last have a decent RB.  We absolutely MUST stop playing Can in defence.  Our thrashing at Stoke highlighted how bad Can is in defence.  On the other hand, watch the Germany U-21s play and see how good Can is when he’s played in midfield.  In CB position we’re sorted with Skrtel and we have Sakho and Louvren for backup.  In LB, though, we have Moreno who isn’t exactly brilliant and Enrique, who is never going to get a place in the Starting XI.  Although there’s always Sakho, this means we need a new LB.  Liverpool are apparently interested in Zappacosta, who I have never watched play so cannot say how good he is, but as long as he’s not too expensive, and he is better than Moreno, he will probably be a good purchase.  In goalkeeping Mignolet is not the best the world, although he can pull off some brilliant saves.  Why not be ambitious and put in a bid for Casillas?  We don’t particularly want Bogdan as our second choice goalkeeper either but he isn’t that bad and hopefully we won’t need him too much.

Time will tell how things pan out…