The Children of Cherry Tree Farm, by Enid Blyton

The Children of Cherry Tree Farm is the first in a series of three books, the Farm Series, written by Enid Blyton.

This book, like the other ones in the series, is about Rory, Sheila, Benjy and Penny, and their life on Cherry Tree Farm, their Uncle Tim’s farm (although in the other two books in the series they are at Willow Farm).

The four children had had the flu, measles and some of them got a bad cough so, on advice from the doctor, they are sent on a long holiday at Cherry Tree Farm.  At the farm, they have some adventures with the different animals there, but when they meet Tammylan, a man who lives in a cave or sometimes a tree house they have even more adventures!  Tammylan knows all about the different animals around the farm and has the strange gift of being able to make even the wildest animals come to him.They see grass snakes, smooth snakes, adders, otters, hares, squirrels, foxes, frogs, toads, a weasel, a stoat, voles, rabbits, moles and hedgehogs.

It is a really good book which anyone who likes animals should read!

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  1. I love this book Jed! Very good review. I never knew there were two more books-I thought there was only one. What is the title of the third book?

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