The Children of Willow Farm, by Enid Blyton

The sequel to The Children of Cherry Tree Farm,The Children of Willow Farm, is the second book in Enid Blyton’s Farm Series.

Rory, Sheila, Benjy and Peggy, the four children from The Children of Cherry Tree Farm, are now at Willow Farm, the farm that their father bought after seeing how healthy and happy the children were at Cherry Tree Farm.

Unlike in The Children of Cherry Tree Farm, The Children of Willow Farm’s focus is not on British wildlife, but on farming.  As Willow Farm isn’t far from Cherry Tree Farm, Rory, Sheila, Benjy and Peggy can still visit their friend, Tammylan, and as usual, he teaches them all kinds of interesting things about the countryside, its wildlife and farming.  Willow Farm soon has chickens, pigs, cows, sheep and horses, and the children help making butter, making hay and lots more.

The Children of Willow Farm is a wonderfully written, enjoyable book that anyone who likes farming will probably enjoy!

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