The Dragon Path, by Helen Moss

The worthy sequel to The Phoenix Code, The Dragon Path is the second book in the Secrets of the Tombs series, based in China.

Before leaving for China, Cleo and Ryan are told by Cleo’s grandmother, Eveline May Bell to return a green jade ring to the Dragon Path.  She tells them of how she followed a group of archaeologists when she was a child (she lived in China) and how she watched them excavate it.

“‘There were dragons down there,’ she murmured.  ‘Fire breathing dragons . . .'”

A Frenchman was meant to have filmed it all so, in search of explanation, Cleo and Ryan go to The History of Archaeology Museum in the hope he might have donated his work there.  They find a film of routine excavations but the 5th film out of the expected 6 is missing.  A friendly archivist finds it and promises to email them a digital copy when they arrive in China.

It would ruin too much of the suspense to say what happens in the film but I will say this – there is a lot of fire, death and dragons.

It is a worthy successor to the Phoenix Code and has a thrilling historical element, with wonderful suspense.  It made me laugh out loud at least twice and has a bit so funny it made me hysterical.  My one criticism is the criminal side is definitely not as good as the thrilling villainous element of the Phoenix Code, but the Dragon Path makes up for it in its wonderful mysterious plot.

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