The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat, by Enid Blyton

The second “Find-Outer Mystery” is, in my opinion, possibly even better than the first book.

This time the Five Find-Outers are investigating the robbery of Lady Candling’s Siamese cat, but the Find-Outers friend Luke, the gardener’s help, is Mr. Goon the policemans’ chief suspect.  The Find-Outers are determined to clear his name.

However, all the evidence points to Luke – Dark Queen, the cat, was last seen at 4 o’clock, and was found disappeared at 5 o’clock, and Luke  was working on the flower bed near the cat house that whole hour, but he says no-one came near the cat house.

Any reader would guess who had stolen Dark Queen (he is downright horrible and no-one would be able to imagine Blyton making such an awful character, without giving readers the pleasure of seeing him squashed), so the mystery is more about how he stole her.

Like the previous book in this series, there is an interesting twist in the last few chapters, although the Find-Outers did not work it out as quickly as I would have expected.

All in all, a very good read and I would recommend buying it.

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