The Mystery of the Secret Room, by Enid Blyton

After two quite good Five “Find-Outer – and Dog” books, this one slightly disappoints if you are looking for a good “juicy” mystery.

The start of the mystery is really just chance that they should explore the very empty house that the criminals are using and Pip climbs the very tree that lets him see into the “secret room” and for those looking forward to nice long lists of suspects and clues, you will be disappointed.

There is no suspects and no detective work at all really, except questioning Miss Crump and a thirty second long telephone call to “Mr John Henry Smith” aka The Criminal aka Finnigan that gets no information.

Apart from that, the only other event in the mystery is Fatty’s midnight escapade that ends up in him getting caught.

In my opinion, it isn’t even a mystery – I would class it as an adventure.

Although the actual plot is quite bad, the actual read is enjoyable enough, as the Fatty versus Mr Goon clashes are quite funny especially the “French boy” disguises!

To find out how Fatty escapes…

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