The Phoenix Code, by Helen Moss

The first in Helen Moss’s new “Secret’s of the Tomb’s” series, The Phoenix Code is based in Egypt, in the Valley of the Kings.

The book starts off with a team of archaeologists exploring Pharaoh Smenkhkare’s tomb.  Their main aim was to uncover the Benben Stone, a mythical Egyptian pyramidal stone.  In a document found in Smenkhkare’s tomb, he confesses that he stole the Benben Stone and put it in the third chamber of his tomb.

As soon as the third chamber is found, it is explored- and nothing is found.  Daughter of the lead archaeologists, Cleopatra McNeil (Cleo for short!) is convinced they have been looking for it in the wrong place so she, and the son of the journalist covering the case, set about finding it.

It is a trickier problem than it first seems, though, but after narrowly escaping a dangerous pitfall, they find the place where Cleo is convinced the Benben, and the rest of the missing burial treasure is.

Yet again, however, they are disappointed.  After a brainwave of Cleo’s (as I don’t want to spoil the story I won’t tell you what it is), they are on the roll again.

Just when they seem in arms reach of the Benben, an unknown enemy seems determined to find the stone themselves…..

The Phoenix Code is a brilliant book and is definitely a must buy for anyone who like adventure and mystery books.

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