Third Week Predictions

Manchester United vs Newcastle – 2-0
With Memphis Depay in form after two goals against Club Brugge, I think United will be able to win. They will have got into their stride a bit after two mediocre performances against Spurs and Villa. Newcastle have Janmaat suspended as well.

Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa – 2-1
Crystal Palace are one of the best teams in the Premier League outside the top five or six and no one can go to Selhurst Park without a fight. Bolasie, Puncheon and Zaha are some of my favorite players and Dann is an very good defender. Aston Villa, on the other hand, haven’t been playing very well so far this season.

Leicester City vs Tottenham – 3-1
I know this is a surprising prediction but Leicester have been brilliant lately, especially Mahrez. Although Tottenham are a good team, they need to sign another center forward before they have a serious goal threat.

Norwich vs Stoke – 1-2
They are two very good teams that can score goals, but Stoke now have Xherdan Shaqiri who will add a lot of fire-power to their attack. Although I am predicting that they will lose, I think Norwich have been playing brilliantly so far.

Sunderland vs Swansea – 0-2
Quite simply, Sunderland have been awful in their last two games and I can’t see anything changing. Swansea have been very good so far, especially Gomis and Montero. Swansea are going to stroll to the victory here.

West Ham vs Bournemouth – 2-1
Although I expect Bournemouth to get their first ever Premier League goal, West Ham, and Dimitri Payet in particular, are much better than them.

West Brom vs Chelsea – 1-3
I think that result against Man City will have wakened Chelsea up to how badly they are playing and I think they will be able to get their first win of the season here.

Everton vs Manchester City – 0-3
City’s last two results have been 3-0 and if they are able to do it against Chelsea they can easily do it against Everton. They need to keep Lukaku quiet, though.

Watford vs Southampton – 1-2
Although Watford have been good so far this season, I think Southampton, despite their defeat at Everton, are going to win this, altough it will be close.

Arsenal vs Liverpool – 1-2
Arsenal lost to West Ham and needed an own goal to beat Crystal Palace. I may be biased but I really think Liverpool are in with a fighting chance here.




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